Must Have Apps on Windows PC

PC is the modern day toy for everybody. Apps make it more efficient and exciting. Some apps enhance your work productivity, some entertain and some care for your device. A brand new PC is the depot of opportunity and possibility. Apps and software are not only ornamental it but also enable PC to perform with its full potential and calibre. It works like additional supporting equipment of warfare which empowers it and adds on some miraculous feature. Apps do not only sum additional functionality to the core machine but also maintain the quality and efficiency of your PC. It helps the PC to battle with external threads and attacks, in this way they work as an immunity system for your PC.

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Here is the list of seven most helpful and popular Apps which not only enrich your PC’s caliber but also nourish it with its maintenance feature.

Avast Antivirus

 The most important thing for any machine is its security. Without securing any device, we can use it according to our need, and it’s potential. It is worldwide appreciated for its advance securing feature and is far ahead of its well-known competitors.


Another tested and widely believed malware protection system. It has all prior quality that empowered your PC to fight with most high- tech attacks and threads. Malwarebyte ensures PC’s upper age over the advancement of technology and boosts it with the additional factor that was not accomplished by a traditional Antivirus.


Installing various kind of software might increase productivity, but it can also slow the speed and processing ability of the system. The extra junks and catch memory generated by the installed software reduces the multiprogramming and multiprocessing ability of PC. CCleaner work as the cleaner of PC. It regularly erases the unnecessary data and frees the impressive amount of memory from the encroachment of unwanted stuff. Hence it ensures the smooth and constant run of PC without any hiccup.


PC without Chrome is like a myth these days. The wide range of support and multi-system compatibility makes Chrome the most suitable and popular web browser.  Plenty of Plug-in and Add-ons association collaborate an additional dimension to your PC.


Skype brings your meeting, presentation and client’s interaction into your bedroom. If you have Skype In your PC, the whole world travels with you, and you can communicate with anyone anywhere face to face. Now you have no regret if you miss your child’s birthday or home celebration due to your busy schedule, just click on Skype, and you find yourself there.


Save your information, work, documents in the space. Dropbox enables you to save and access data from anywhere. Now, you need not to carry your laptop or folder with you. You can access all kind of information, data, statistic and reports from anywhere with any machine.


 Now, you are free from costly subscription and cloud-based tips. LibreOffice provide all kind of professional documentation support with which you have to focus only on your work without any tension of its organization and storage.

These apps and tools make your PC a complete productive engine which can add wings to your ambition and expectations.

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How to Repair Corrupted BIOS Firmware on Windows

Basic input/output system (BIOS) is a firmware programming, and it like the basic DNA of any microprocessor which enables your PC to run or even start. Before moving to the rectification tool and associated problem, first, we should know the BIOS and Firmware.

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What is firmware?

Firmware is a kind of software programming the only difference from the traditional programming is that it’s a chip level programming. It also comes into the category of system software as it is essential for the working of any microprocessor.

What is BIOS?

Now, moving on to the BIOS, it is the only software in any device that comes in-built with it. It is an essential need for any computer to start. A microprocessor is the brain of any computer, BIOS is the instruction to the microprocessor, even to wake up and launch itself. Hence it is the first layer between software and hardware. It is one who directly interacts with bare hardware.

Whenever we start our system, microprocessor passes control to the BIOS which is present at the EPROM. It checks and ensures the exact location of every component and then loads the operating system on the ROM (Read only memory) from the hard disk of the system. In this way, BIOS eases the responsibility of Operating System to know about the address of associated devices and basic input-output flow.

 So it is the essential component of any PC and needs special care. Any problem and malfunctioning can hamper the whole system. BIO is the unique identity of any system because it has specially designed for a particular motherboard or system model.

A BIOS failure in any system creates a whole lot of problem. In this case, your system is not able to lift the operating system resultantly system is not ready to start. Generally, it flashes an error message containing the issue associated with it, but sometimes there is no message only “Beep” sound indicates the improper of failure of BIOS.

Here are some steps to help you fix the corrupt BIOS firmware issue

  1. As it resides in the ROM of your system, plug it off from the system keep it aside and ensures its safety.
  2. Remove the BIOS chipset from a working system. Be careful during the removal of the chipset from a working system and do not touch any metal part of the motherboard. Do not shut down or close the system.
  3. Take this corrupted chipset and try to connect it to the motherboard of other PC. Don’t force to join, touches the socket to confirm the connection only.
  4. Try to boot the other motherboard with the help of currently installed BIOS. Do not plug out the working BIOS. For this you need to follow the given steps:
  • Open the Start
  • Go to system information and type “misinfo” into system information.
  • Go for the system model number and search for the BIOS updating.
  • Now, move to the BIOS version/date
  • After that, open the web-browser and look for the update file on your BIOS manufacturer’s website.
  • Now download, or update the BIOS file from there.
  • Ensure that your BIOS update file is newer than your previous BIOS version.
  • Install or update the file by extracting it from the zip file and reading the agreement or copy the file into any flash drive.
  1. Go to the Boot option.
  2. Select Flash option from the advance tab.
  3. Press the BIOS key and update the current malfunctioning BIOS.
  4. Wait for a while.
  5. It may work, and your BIOS is now all set to reinstall into its parent system.
  6. Reinstall repaired BIOS carefully with the help of a proper tool.

Caution: you have to have a CD or DVD that hold the right BIOS setting and Installer of the previous Motherboard.

Very carefully remove the working BIOS with the help of small tools. Keep the system running and the working BIOS aside.

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How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80246019?

Recently, Microsoft launched various updates for its applications, including the Photos, Mail, Skype, Calendar, and many more. Unluckily, Updates are met with few errors and due to this users are experiencing different problems. However, many updates for Windows 10 are rejected to download or install and shows many error messages.


Nevertheless, while updating the updates with the Windows Store, users are encountering the Windows Store error code 0x80246019, and because of this error message, they are not able to install the updates. There are numerous causes of this error, but mostly it can arise due to quickly resume and pauses the updates, stopping the update and again opening the Windows Store apps, and many others. This error code 0x80246019 is quite irritating and annoying for the users. This error code 0x80246019 occurred with the error message which says; “There were problems in installing the updates, but we’ll try again later. This error is pretty common and easily solved by following a few simple fixes.

Here we provide you with a few fixes which help you in troubleshooting the error code 0x80246019. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80246019

Before going further, just make sure you have created a system restore point if in case something goes wrong, it will save your data. Also, remember that you have to follow these steps in an exact sequence to avoid trouble and damages, and doing this way will take less time and efforts. Here how to do it:

Fix-1: “Turn Off” Windows Firewall

Microsoft Store and Windows Defender Firewall both are the part of the Windows 10; they are always believed to work in agreement. However, many times Windows Defender Firewall might block the Microsoft Store. Therefore, to eradicate that blocking, you have to turn off the Windows Defender Firewall form, your Windows 10 computer system.

  1. Firstly, navigate to the ‘Search’ box and click on it to open it.
  2. Now, inside the Search box, type ‘firewall’.
  3. Then, click on the Windows Defender Firewall to launch it.
  4. After that, choose ‘Disable or Enable Windows Defender Firewall’ option.
  5. Next, turn off the Windows Defender Firewall for public and private both networks.
  6. Click to verify the selection and try updating the apps again.

If still, the error persists, try the next method to fix this update.

Fix-2: Run the System File Scanner Tool

To fix this error code, try to run the SFC tool, here how to do it:

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ menu icon to open the start menu.
  2. Now, right-click on the Start menu tab and to launch the Command Prompt Window as an admin.
  3. In the command prompt box, type in ‘sfc/scan now.
  4. After that, wait for few minutes until the process is completed successfully.
  5. Next, if the SFC tool found a solution, it will apply to it automatically.
  6. Lastly, close the Command Prompt window.
  7. Reboot your computer system for all the changes to take effects.

Hopefully, the aforementioned steps are helped you in fixing the error code 0x80246019.

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Top 2 MacOS Dock Alternatives

Using the system with lot many application is always enjoyable. In this blog, I am going to mention some of the best applications that can be used as an alternative for Apples’ in-built dock.

macos dock

Deleting The Default Dock

If the system user wants to alter the dock with any other application, then it’s better to delete the default dock so that it doesn’t come in between and create complication. Though, it can’t be deleted completely. So instead of deactivating it, the user can put it on autohide delay approximately for more than 700 to 800 seconds. As a result, it doesn’t create complication while using the other alternative application. To do that, use the given below command on the terminal-

  • ‘defaults write autohide-delay -float 1000; killall Dock’

To receive uniform dock function again, use the given below command to get back the default settings-

  • ‘defaults delete autohide-delay; killall Dock’

It will take approximately 15 minutes for your dock to start. If by chance, the user wants the default dock to be seen one more time, they can always put this combination-

  • Option+Command+D to start it by themselves.

After the user is aware of the method of dealing with an in-built dock so finally it’s the time for using the other application that can be used instead of it.

Here are the leading applications that can be used instead of macOS Dock.

  1. TabLauncher

Tab launcher always comes first for covering most of the things into a functional dock. This app is generally used rather than the default dock because it works faster than it. And it differentiates icons with the help of some tabs. It is worth noting that the earlier old theme seems a bit weird on the new version of macOS, so modifying it to the usual theme with light shade colours will make a great combination.

  1. ActiveDockActiveDock is a bit similar like the Windows taskbar, having a ‘Start Menu’ that is in comparison much better. This application is much better than TabLauncher, having a good rate of similarity to the default dock. Although, it is a bit slow when it comes to working. The user can manage their applications into files that show with the application icons, and the user can manage their custom icons for each of their applications. This seems good than TabLauncher’s management and supports to fit lot many applications into a less area.

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Best iOS Apps for Tesla Car Owners

It doesn’t matter that you have been using the Tesla car for some time or you have just bought it the first time or using the electric vehicle. There is always some tweak to experience it better with the help of the smartphone applications. You can employ the devices like a smartphone to search for the charging stations situated in your vicinity. It also gives the statistical analysis for the Tesla vehicle and many more features. If you have iOS devices, then you can avail the benefits of these below-listed applications:

Tesla Car .jpg

  1. Remote S for Tesla App

It is the best application for Tesla car owners. Its developer is one of the active members of the community of Tesla. It executes the almost all functions virtually that can be worked with the official APIs of Tesla. You can take the list of remote commands which are supported namely ON/OFF the HVAC, controlling temperature, enabling/disabling the Valet Mode, flashlights etc. Apart from the remote commands, this application can assist you to pay much lesser on the charging. Among all apps, Remote S for Tesla app is actively working with the newly updated variants.

  1. PlugShare App

It is the most exact and absolute map for public charging globally. Its database captures the charging stations across the main networking systems from the continent of North America and Europe. Overall, the database covers about 100000 charging stations along with their images and feedback on them. With this application, it consumes little time to position almost all the public charging stations which are supported by the Tesla electric vehicle. Here, you can also employ this application for payment in case of charging your electric vehicle. This app can support the Visa, MasterCard and many more. You can process your payment quickly with the security.

If you are stuck on the station which is not available in the database of this app, then you can upload it also for guiding others. All charging stations are based on the rating and reviews. In this app, the community can claim mishaps with the charging station enlisted in the database of this to update it.

  1. TezLab App

Similar to other electric vehicles, Tesla vehicles are also concerned about endurance and efficiency. It is generally equipped with modern sensors. Tesla cars produce piles of databases, and it can be accessed to their owners through APIs. The data given can be important for determining the efficiency of the vehicle in terms of the percentage of the mileage rating that is ideal in the case.

This smartphone application traces a multitude of factors which Tesla sends and uses that details and splits it into the exciting metrics that Tesla owners can be satisfied with their requirements.

  1. Teslarati App

It is an excellent source to keep in touch with the news related to Tesla. There is the database of Tesla Superchargers with real-time crowdsource. With the benefits of this application, Tesla vehicle owners can be connected and conversed with the other owners. Most of the Tesla owners desire to understand the trends of electric vehicles in the market and about the latest technology that Tesla will bring in future. It can be considered the authentic source regarding the news on Tesla and electric vehicles.

Teslarati app is not just about the source of pertinent news but also the community having about 50000 users that it holds. They engage in the fruitful discussions with a quick reply, and also they address the latest Tesla positions.

  1. Tesla Motors AppIt is the official iOS application run by Tesla Motors team. It permits the straight conversation for the Tesla owners with Powerwalls. It can show the charging process on a real-time basis. It is a smart app that can administer the locks, charging and even it can modify the temperature of the vehicle prior to driving it. It is equipped with a smooth UI (user interface). It doesn’t envelope many functionalities as covered under the Remote S for Tesla.

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Best iOS Apps for Golf Course GPS

The price of golf course units of the GPS system is in higher ranges, and it is not always sound. Golf GPS applications assist the golf players to make them an ideal player. Different from the GPS devices, the golf GPS applications permit you to improve your golf skills with ease mode. These apps will display the golf map along with the position. They will recommend you to have certain distance scaling for the front, back, or middle of the green. Some of the applications have measures like scorekeeping and statistics.

Golf Course GPS.jpg

Here are some thriving apps for guiding you about the golf courses along with the improvement of golf skills:

  1. Golf GPS & Scorecard App

Its developer claims it to be the SwingxSwing application which is a complete alternative solution to the precious GPS device in the market. This application is all about the account on the site of where you can make the account free of cost. This account permits you to insight the past records along with the present records. You can trail the movement around the golf course along with the graphical data and statistics analysis. It runs on more than the 35000 courses, and it is updated on a periodical basis. Its core functionality is that it has the provision of Looper kind of subscription along with the tracked capabilities.

  1. Golf GPS Range Finder Scorecard & Course Locator App

It has its demerit as it is equipped with the obsolete mapping with the blurred photos from the satellite. This application ignores this concern by having the additional maps taken from the system of Google and Apple. However, some of the developers are not the golf players themselves then they have no problem with it. And, other developers ignore the testing at the worldwide level. You can get the touch of both worlds from Apple and Google on a single platform. It is also compatible with the devices like Apple Watch that shows the analysis of statistics and graphical representation. It also performs with the four games on both the maps of Apple and Google.

  1. Golfshot App

It is the best application to have the real touch with the golf GPS, scorecards and tee time periods. It covers the details regarding the more than 40000 courses and around the 500000 holes across the globe. It is compatible with the 3-dimensional visualization effects for the whole golf course. It permits you to trace the movement of the shot along with its distance covered, the direction has gone, and the club participated. Similar to other apps, It can also work with the Apple Watch. It also supports the Healthkit and the fitness tracking system Under Armour.

  1. Hole19 AppAfter the installation of this app, you can join the community.  You can discover the new courses and trace the progress in your scorecards. You can get to identify the accurate location by using the GPS system. Its developers claim that the free variant of this application has the option of seeing the positions to green on above 95% of courses worldwide. In this application, you can converse with the members of the community and make them friends.

Edward Lewis is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

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Facebook Watch Party Becomes Accessible to Everyone

Although Facebook’s Watch Party was present earlier also, now finally it is accessible for everyone. It means a lot for content makers and media networks as it may provide a profitable substitute for the old-school broadcast methods.


  1. Meaning of Watch Party
  • We all know that Facebook has undergone plenty of modification in the last year. At present, they have even started to pay attention to society building characteristics such as Groups and Group Chats because it leads to creating more traffic and user commitment than that of any normal posts and pages.
  • Recently, Facebook launched the ‘Watch Party’ functionality, which basically enables Groups to stream a playlist of videos and then also allow them to chat about them in a chatbox.
  • Luckily, the characteristic can now be used not just by Groups, but also by pages or individuals.
  • To get an idea, you can note that the Watch Party is a bit same as Youtube Live or Rabbit, but it’s only available to videos that were earlier only present on Facebook. That only prevents users from seeing their favorite and famous TV shows and movies because most media networks and content makers are not wishing to post their text on Facebook for other people to share out for free.
  • It is at least a good attempt that Facebook is giving it a try and thinking to modify by enabling individuals and pages to host their public watch Parties. They believe that content creators and media networks are most of the time likely to put engaging text on Facebook if they can manage when and how users see it.
  1. People and Pages Will Be Hosting Watch Parties
  • Facebook Testing: Facebook has been silently checking out Watch Parties for Pages.
  • For instance, on a Facebook Watch Party, you may have binge-watched ScoopWhoop or Tasty videos. After analyzing them, got to know it went quite good, and also that they’ve to lead more attention than non-live videos. Note that it’s evidence that place content and influencer videos gain from Faceboo’s Watch Parties characteristics.
  • Till now, the most curious one has been WWE’S Watch Party movement as it shows the way TV shows and sports may find their way onto watch Parties in the upcoming time.
  • On Facebook, active users know that there are WWE live streams matches every week that are held on Tuesday. But when it comes to countless global wrestling fans, then it has been observed that those fans can barely get to see the live streaming.

That’s the only reason behind the WWE again airing their matches in Watch Parties that make the goal of different time zones and a remarkable success that has been seen by them on it.


  • In conclusion, we can say that Watch Parties are still amazing for individuals and groups. Though there may not be much of TV on Facebook, there is still a lot of interesting placed text that you can like to see. One of the best parts is that you can even begin your own Watch Party. It is very simple to do. You just need to do it from the ‘Write a post’ box which is present at the top of your feed.

Hope, this blog would have been helpful for you.

Edward Lewis is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Edward has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as