Guide To Add, Manage and Delete a Server in Discord

A human’s life cycle process is like adding, managing, and deleting. Humans with all their mental and physical efforts keep on adding whatever they want in life, and after adding, they struggle on a daily base to manage all that has added by owning it. Then the time comes when the added things get expired or are of no use, which forces them to dispose off the material. Here one thing is essential to notice is that we not only add material things in our life, but we do add our experience too in our mind. There are some experiences which should be better if we forget, or delete them from the brain. Likewise, you can add, manage, and delete a server in Discord.

Server in Discord.gif

Discord is a freeware VoIP app and digital distribution platform designed for the video gaming circle. It is specialized in text, image, video and audio communication between the users over a chat channel. Discord has both a client application and a browser application. To set up Discord for your game or company, below is a guide:

Add a Server in Discord

  1. Visit to the Discord website and choose Login.
  2. Choose the Register text URL on the next page.
  3. Type your email, username and a password.
  4. Choose Continue and complete the login.
  5. After replying to the email verification, you may download the Discord client or use the web Application.
  6. Visit to the Discord main page and choose Download for Windows or Launch Discord in your browser.
  7. Launch the Application and log on.
  8. Choose the ‘+’ icon in the left list to create a server.
  9. Choose Create a Server in the next window.
  10. Name your server and select the geographical location for the server in the next window.
  11. Add a server icon if you wish.
  12. Choose ‘Create’ and your server should be visible in the Discord client.

Managing your Discord Server

  1. Choose your server in Discord and then Server Settings.
  2. Choose Roles from the list in the next window.
  3. Choose the ‘+’ icon at the above of the roles section.
  4. Name your role and assign permission with bar.
  5. Choose Save once done.
  6. Rinse and repeat for all types of role you want to create.

How to get Users

  1. Visit to your Discord Application and hover over the person icon to the right of your chosen text or voice channel.
  2. Copy the URL visible on the popup window. Set it on never to expire.
  3. Send the URL to all those who you want to invite to your Discord server.
  4. If the person is doesn’t have a Discord account, they will be asked to create one, and then they can join your server.
  5. Assign a role to each new user.

Deleting a Server in Discord

  1. Launch your Discord Application and log on.
  2. Choose the server name and then choose Server Settings.
  3. Choose Delete Server from within the server window.
  4. Confirm deletion if prompted.

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