Must Have Apps on Windows PC

PC is the modern day toy for everybody. Apps make it more efficient and exciting. Some apps enhance your work productivity, some entertain and some care for your device. A brand new PC is the depot of opportunity and possibility. Apps and software are not only ornamental it but also enable PC to perform with its full potential and calibre. It works like additional supporting equipment of warfare which empowers it and adds on some miraculous feature. Apps do not only sum additional functionality to the core machine but also maintain the quality and efficiency of your PC. It helps the PC to battle with external threads and attacks, in this way they work as an immunity system for your PC.

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Here is the list of seven most helpful and popular Apps which not only enrich your PC’s caliber but also nourish it with its maintenance feature.

Avast Antivirus

 The most important thing for any machine is its security. Without securing any device, we can use it according to our need, and it’s potential. It is worldwide appreciated for its advance securing feature and is far ahead of its well-known competitors.


Another tested and widely believed malware protection system. It has all prior quality that empowered your PC to fight with most high- tech attacks and threads. Malwarebyte ensures PC’s upper age over the advancement of technology and boosts it with the additional factor that was not accomplished by a traditional Antivirus.


Installing various kind of software might increase productivity, but it can also slow the speed and processing ability of the system. The extra junks and catch memory generated by the installed software reduces the multiprogramming and multiprocessing ability of PC. CCleaner work as the cleaner of PC. It regularly erases the unnecessary data and frees the impressive amount of memory from the encroachment of unwanted stuff. Hence it ensures the smooth and constant run of PC without any hiccup.


PC without Chrome is like a myth these days. The wide range of support and multi-system compatibility makes Chrome the most suitable and popular web browser.  Plenty of Plug-in and Add-ons association collaborate an additional dimension to your PC.


Skype brings your meeting, presentation and client’s interaction into your bedroom. If you have Skype In your PC, the whole world travels with you, and you can communicate with anyone anywhere face to face. Now you have no regret if you miss your child’s birthday or home celebration due to your busy schedule, just click on Skype, and you find yourself there.


Save your information, work, documents in the space. Dropbox enables you to save and access data from anywhere. Now, you need not to carry your laptop or folder with you. You can access all kind of information, data, statistic and reports from anywhere with any machine.


 Now, you are free from costly subscription and cloud-based tips. LibreOffice provide all kind of professional documentation support with which you have to focus only on your work without any tension of its organization and storage.

These apps and tools make your PC a complete productive engine which can add wings to your ambition and expectations.

Edward Lewis is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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