Pokemon GO: Prepare To Catch Legendary Palkia In Raid Battles

With the past Hoenn region, event players got an opportunity to catch generation four Legendary Kyogre and Groudon Pokémon with shiny skins.

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But as this event came to an end, fans of Pokémon were eager to know about the new upcoming Pokémon to the game. Finally, Niantic has confirmed that the Hoenn region Pokémon will be removed from the game and a new Legendary Pokémon will be included for trainers to interact with.

This new Palkia Pokémon is a water and dragon type, and will be available for trainers to catch from the 29th of January and will be present in the game till the February 28th.

Although community members and fans have been requesting Niantic to include all the generation four Pokémon in the game, still we can see that developers at Pokémon GO are gradual including one Pokémon at a time.

Palkia is considerably one of the deadliest available Pokémon in generation four, and trainers should try to catch this Pokémon, by all means, possible as the inclusion of this Pokémon can assure you with a very powerful team.

This Pokémon is a dragon and water type. Also, it comes with a unique hidden ability of Telepathy, which is very effective against the grass and fire type opponents.

Also, this Pokémon can learn Razor Claw and Earthquake moves which can create devastation in any gym and make you win the matches. But most importantly this Pokemon has a meager catch ratio, so it would turn out to be quite challenging for players to obtain this Pokémon.

If you are determined to catch this Pokémon, using the Ultra Ball or Mega Ball is your best bet as this Pokémon does not stay in a regular Pokeball.

Pokémon GO posted on their Twitter account that all the trainers around the globe should prepare themselves for catching a new dragon and water type Pokémon. This Spatial Pokémon is going to join the Pokémon GO universe on the January 29th at 1:00 PM PST.

It’s speculated that the next Pokémon that could join the Pokémon GO game could be the Dialga, which is also one of the strongest Pokemon in gen four. Both the Palkia and the Dialga were introduced in Pokémon Pearl and Diamond video games, and it is not farfetched to expect Dialga as the next upcoming Pokémon to the title.

It is yet to be seen, that will the Palkia Pokémon would also include shiny skin or not, but many gamers have confirmed that this new Pokémon would also appear in new shiny skin. Lookout for this amazing Pokémon on January 29th and explore the unconditional possibilities waiting ahead of you.

Try to catch as many of Palkia as possible, as this Pokémon can’t be hatched from the eggs, so make sure to grab on this Legendary Pokémon as soon as possible.

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