How to Fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

It is an HTTP status code which means that a server won’t get a response on time from a different server. A “504 Gateway Timeout Error” means that web server that is attempting to load a page didn’t get a response from another server from where it needs information. It is known as 504 error. The reason behind the name is that HTTP status code that web uses to explain that sort of error. There can be many reasons behind that particular error.

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In simple words, 504 takes place when a different computer, the one that the site you are getting the 504 messages on, doesn’t control but relies upon, isn’t communicating with it. If you see Fixing 504 Errors on Site, then try to fix it on your own.

How will you know if the Error is 504?

Individual websites can personalise how can they show errors of gateway timeout, you will see any of them:

  • Gateway Timeout Error
  • Gateway Timeout 504
  • 504 Gateway Timeout
  • HTTP Error 504- Gateway Timeout
  • 504 Error
  • HTTP 504

Users will see 504 gateway Timeout error inside the window of internet browser. It will typically show like the regular windows. You could see a site’s similar headers and the footers with a nice message of English on the page. You might see it on all white page with “big 504” at the head. It will be the same message, no matter how is the website showing it. Don’t be surprised if 504 Gateway Timeout errors show in any net browser; it can be displayed in any web browser, in any operating system and device. You may even get it on iPhone, Android, Tablet, in Mac, Safari, Windows 10 etc.

Probable causes behind the error

At most time, the 504 Gateway error means that whenever another server is taking so much of time that it shows up Timing Out, it means that it is not working correctly. As this error is an error of network or the server. The issue doesn’t lie with your computer or network connection.

Ways to Fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error

Follow below-given steps to Fix the Error

  1. Try the web page again by tapping the button Refresh, click F5 or trying URL from address bar. Even if the 504 Gateway Timeout error is showing a failure outside of the control, then the fault may be temporary. Just retry once, it is the easiest thing to do.
  2. Start all of the network devices again. Sometimes the issue lies within the user’s router, switches or some other hardware. Restart these devices for resolving the problem as soon as possible.
  3. Got to your browser, look at the proxy server settings and ensure that they are correct. Inaccurate agent settings can create 504 error.
  4. Just modify your servers of DNS, replace them if all devices have a similar error. It is possible that an issue causes an error with the DNS servers.
  5. If nothing is helping so far, then contact to the website. Sometimes site administrators are working on it already for fixing up the cause. Look at the Website Contact Info page for knowing about famous sites. Many websites are having social networking accounts. Some of them even have email addresses.
  6. Go to your ISP. If you followed all the steps given above and still not finding any flaw then just contact your ISP provider.
  7. Keep checking the site regularly as it may start working soon.

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