How to Fix a Frozen Mac

You can call it spinning beach ball, pizza wheel or the spinning pinwheel of death. Call it whatever you want that multicolored ball which shows up on the screen of your Mac and doesn’t disappear. It is a sign that your processor got stuck. It is frozen. Follow the steps given below to fix the frozen Mac.

Frozen Mac

How to Unfreeze the Mac?

Force quit a frozen program

If you can access your computer even if the program is frozen, then force quit the program. You can continue using the computer.

  1. Tap the desktop for switching away from frozen apps.
  2. Tap the Apple menu.
  3. Choose Force Quit.
  4. It will get closed.
  5. Tap Command+Option+Esc for opening Force Quit.
  6. Choose a frozen program and tap Force Quit.
  7. Hold on to the Option key and Ctrl.
  8. In the dock, tap the icon of the app.
  9. Choose Force Quit.

Reboot the frozen Mac computer

When the system stops, and you can’t open the Force Quit menus, then allow the computer to reboot. Users can do these by following ways given below. It can be done even if the mouse is immovable.

  1. Tap the Command+Ctrl+Eject for forcing the machine to boot again.
  2. Go to the uppermost righthand corner to find the Eject key.
  3. Eject keys will not be there in new MacBooks.
  4. When the keyboard command isn’t working there is no Eject key then tap and check the power switch.
  5. Power button will be there in the upper right-hand corner of Macbook.

How to troubleshoot the problem?

Know whether the issue is there with the system or the program. If the freezing takes place while running a particular application, then it may be possible that the program is at fault. When the freezing is occurring randomly, then there may be an issue with performing daily tasks.

 There can also be issues among the running arrangement. When the system is solidifying up while using a peripheral, it is possible that the USB drive is creating a problem. Get a common idea for fixing up the efforts.

Check the free space

If the boot drive is found running out of space, then instability of the system can be caused. A minimum of 10 GB space should be there. Users will start facing errors if there is less space than this.

  1. Tap the “Apple Menu” and choose About this Mac for checking about the available space.
  2. Tap Storage tab for viewing the used and open space.
  3. Erase some programs and files that are not needed by the user anymore.

Update the apps and the operating system

Maybe the freezing was because of a known bug. Update the software to fix the problems

  1. Tap Apple menu and choose Software Update.
  2. Launch and install any of the available updates.
  3. Use this tool for finding and installing the updates.
  4. Update all the non-app store apps individually.
  5. If the users have installed the programs out of the application, then users require running each of the program update tools.

From the website install the latest version.

Disconnect the peripherals

Many times, the issue with the equipment can make the screen frozen.

  1. Plug out all of the tools like the scanners, printers, etc.
  2. Plug in the devices back at a time.
  3. Test each one for seeing if the freezing takes place.
  4. Users can quickly know about the device that is causing the issue.
  5. If there is a particular device that is causing the system to freeze, then check out if the same issue is with the device.

Go for a Safe Boot

  1. A safe boot will be helping in fixing up the issues if nothing is helping.
  2. The critical files will auto perform various troubleshooting scripts.
  3. Restart the Mac and hold Shift for starting a safe and secure boot.

Edward Lewis is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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