Microsoft introduces free online courses for people seeking career in AI

Microsoft has collaborated with INSEAD, an international business school, to release a set of free online courses to generate awareness among learning professionals about the growing potential of a career in AI technologies.

While the courses are industry-oriented, they are intended to persuade anyone seeking a career in the AI industry into participating in the AI business school. The courses will help them understand the potential and future aspects of the AI training.

AI business school broke the course materials into four subject areas, featuring a host of 10 minutes on-demand lectures, including strategy, culture, responsible AI and technology. As a partner, Microsoft will contribute whatever expertise and knowledge they have gained in these lectures while working with AI technology.

How effectively these courses will help professionals building a future in AI?

Ian Fordham who is the Chief Learning and Skill Development Official based in Microsoft UK has strong beliefs that Britain could possibly lead the future of AI technology in the world. While continuing his speech, we also said, “to achieve this goal of becoming a leader in AI, we must ensure that professionals are equipped with appropriate skills to build a career in AI industry”. He also said that it would enable current and future businesses to tighten their grip in this AI-empowered world.

Microsoft has launched several campaigns in the past to highlight the potential of AI technologies in the future and the benefits it can offer to consumers in its current range of products. They have teamed up rappers and singers, to produce TV series and ads to boost their promotion campaign of AI technologies where the self-proclaimed tech geek rhymes about his optimism for AI, and How Microsoft is leading the AI industry.

With the explosive growth in computing innovation, AI is filtering down into applications many of us utilize on a daily basis. People who are using the updated version of Office 365 suite, which you can buy online, bundled together with a wide array of Microsoft’s surface devices, integrates AI technologies in ways that are powerful yet discrete. For instance – PowerPoint arranges your images automatically in the most visibly aesthetic order and My Analytics analyzing the working pattern of whole teams as well as individuals).

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